Sunday, June 17, 2012

DIY Ear Cuff

I love ear cuffs!! But I am not willing to pay $6+ for an ear cuff -__-
So I decided to make my own ear cuff.

My Supplies

~ear cuffs
~3mm ball post (stud)
~one jumper ring

I purchased the ear cuffs from Ebay for about $2. If you're going to attempt making your own chain ear cuff I would suggest buying ear cuffs with holes in them already. Here's the actual item and here's the Seller

3mm ball post stud; I purchased this at my local bead store for 40 cents. You can buy these in bulk, but I prefer not to because I always end up losing these when I do. I chose 3mm just to keep it small but you can honestly do any size you choose.

The chains I used are chains that I have accumulated over the years and have been sitting in my supply box for forever. If you don't want to spend a lot of money on chains go to Forever21 and buy one of those $1.50 necklaces and take it apart. Most often you will be able to find some clearance chains at Michaels Craft store. Also make sure your chains are going to be big enough to slip a jumper through it.

Step one: take apart the ear cuff. I am not a big fan of the whole cross fashion fad, I dont really understand it. . . so I took off the cross.

Step two: measure out your chains. For the darker chain I did 3.5" and for the two silver chains I did 4". Clip it with your clippers.

Step three: add the chains to your jumper and close the jumper to prevent the chains from falling off. You will reopen the jumper later.

Step four: Add the other jumper to the other end of the chains.

Step five: add the ball post to one of the jumpers.

Step six: add the cuff to the jumper on the opposite end.

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